Houston, Dallas & Ft Worth Security Camera System Maintenance Services

Weather you purchased your security camera systems from 411 Security Cameras or not we can still help you with regular maintenance issues.

Camera Cleaning

Dirty cameras mean poor quality recordings. No matter how great your cameras are they can't capture the clear video you’re used to seeing if they are dirty. Cleaning time is also a good time to readjust the camera views if necessary. If you need your cameras cleaned give us a call.

DVR system Cleaning

DVR systems, regardless of the type all record your video on to hard drives installed in the system. Hard drives installed in a DVR system are under constant use, which really keeps them running hot.  Almost all systems have fans in them to keep air moving around the hard drives for this very reason.

Did know the number one reason hard drives fail is due to heat? If dust is allowed to build up over the external air vents and inside the system then the hard drives no longer are getting the cooling they need which causes them to fail.

Protect your investment and make sure your systems are cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning should take place at least twice a year. More often depending on the environment where the equipment is installed. If they are in dusty closets, under counters or anywhere where there is a lot of dust then you may want to clean them more often.  If you need your system cleaned give us a call.

Battery Backup Systems

When was the last time you replaced the batteries in your battery back up system?

If you're like most people it was probably the last time you needed to check your camera system because you had an incident. It was only then that you realized you don't have any recorded videro because the hard drive has taken on damage.

Power failures are the number two reason that hard drives fail in camera recording systems.

If the hard drive head is actively writing to the disk when the power goes out, this can and will damage the hard drive.

When it comes to DVR systems, they are ALWAYS saving video to the hard drive so your hard drive is engaged just
abaout 24/7!

A battery backup system is considered mandatory on all DVR systems.

If you don’t have one, get one. If you haven’t tested the one you have then get it tested.

The reality is, even if you have a battery back up system in place now, you probably didn’t know your supposed to replace the battery or the whole back up about once a year.

Batteries go bad. It’s a fact of life.

Don’t wait until the damage is done. That’s only going to make it cost more.

That and the fact that your system may fail and you may never know it until you need to go watch some video.

What good does it do to invest in a camera system if it’s not working when you really need it the most?

Protect your investment.

Stay on top of your battery backup maintenance or let us do it for you.


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